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What Kind of Features Can We Offer?

Most likely small to medium size businesses who are interested in new ways to boost their sales. In order to successfully convince them of why an app is a must, you’ll need to present them with some concrete examples of exactly how you intend to help them reach their goals through your product.

Here we have compiled a list of what we believe to be the most useful features you could offer a small business, along with the basis of how to pitch each one.

Remember, a list of features is a great start, but demonstrating exactly how each aspect is going to help them grow will take your pitch to the next level. So, don't hesitate to create a portfolio full of sample apps to present each of these features in a real-life, relatable scenario.


Maps can be based on one location only, or can include an unlimited number of points (if you have a more directory-like project). With each one providing information, photos, links, and contact information. Best of all, step by step directions from wherever your user is are available for each point—providing this logistical information is the basis of getting them to you.

Event Calendars

Display and even notify your users of events, sales, and new releases. Either pull content from a source you already have set up (i.e. Google Calendar, Facebook Calendar, etc.), or manually input events specific to your app users. With several different templates created specifically for event display to choose from, you have a lot of great options to provide users with, such as a link for directions, a button to buy tickets, sharing possibilities, and your contact info.

Audio & Video

Audio options include podcasts, a SoundCloud integration, CMS files, and live streaming. As far as videos, CMS files are also an option, in addition to live streaming, YouTube, Vimeo, Ooyala, and DailyMotion integrations. Including audio and video aspects in an app is a perfect way to add some interactivity and even deliver content to users that can’t be physically present but don’t want to miss out.Churches and radio stations find these features especially useful. Some examples of what these industries have done with them can be seen here.


Forms are a multi-purpose tool. They can be used for conducting surveys, gathering contact information for mailing lists, receiving customer support requests, or even as an ordering platform. Form results can then be exported for further use and evaluation. Having a quick and easy channel of communication from user to owner is a crucial element of every successful business operation. 

User Authentication

User authentication is what paves the way for all more advanced user features, such as user groups, push notification subscription, chat, and more. To provide a more personalized experience, allow users to login and create their own profiles. This gives you the option to adjust the content in the app based on different user profiles, avoid sending irrelevant information and offers, and is the first step to creating a real community.


A chat feature allows your users to get to know each other—whether it’s for social purposes or for the purpose of exchanging opinions about your establishment, it’s a great way to get people engaged. Users can view each other based on a list template or a map template which displays who is closest to them. For security reasons, a blocking feature is also provided. The chat function can also serve as a customer service tool in which users can chat with the app owner to get answers, place orders, and more. 

Loyalty Cards

The simplest way to keep customers returning is to offer them rewards for their recurring business. Start off by choosing and customizing a unique card design. Point validation can be completed either through a purchase, manual check in, or social media sharing—a great way to leverage customer power in your marketing strategy. Finally, choose the gift for completing a loyalty card and its expiration.  Spur of the moment rewards (independent of loyalty card completion) can also be sent out to clients in situations such as their first visit, if they have not visited for a certain amount of time, during happy hour, or based on the client's geographic location.

Club Cards

Regulars deserve special privileges for their loyalty, and customers will be thrilled to be offered membership to an exclusive club card with three levels of lifetime value you get to define. This is a powerful incentive for maintaining secured clients and showing them your appreciation.


The quickest way to get a boost in sales is through a special offer, often in the form of a coupon. All details of the offer can be defined , such as method of redemption, terms and dates of validity, number of available coupons, number of times a client can use a coupon, and more. To simplify the process maximally for the client, detailed store information (such as map information) can be included. As always, design can be customized and perfected to make the offer as attractive and effective as possible.

Beacons & Geofences

Being able to deliver a message or offer to users at the right place and right time is crucial for increasing conversion rates. Geo alerts allow for contact to be made at the very moment customers enter a designated zone, and beacons trigger alerts as the user approaches a specified object.

And More...

Between in-app advertising to raise profits, social network integrations to build your marketing strategy, contact sections, click-to possibilities, an advanced content management system, and web embed options, basically all small business needs are covered. 


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